MiniPak - $5-

Sending a Purim-Pak to your kid in the dorm?  Give a Mini-Pak to each of their roommates.

Purim-Paks going to a family?  Include a Mini-Pak for each child.

A charming addition to any Purim Pak mishloach manot, 

each lovable Mini-Pak contains a muffin, chocolate, and candies. (not sold separately)

Mini-Pak FAQ:

Where do I submit the order for Minipaks?

When you order a Regular, Health, or other Pak, you'll see a drop-down which allows you to add Mini Paks or Thank-You Paks to that same address.

How do I add a Minipak to the Purim Pak I already ordered?

If you have a Pak in the Shopping Bag already, and then realize you want to add Mini or Thank you paks, you can edit your order by Opening the Shopping Bag, then click on CHANGE under the order to which you want to add.  You'll get a popup that allows you to add Mini or Thank You Paks.

Many of my former students are now studying in Israel.  Can I send just a bunch of Minipaks for all of them?

We will take orders for ONLY Mini-Paks (without an accompanying larger pak) if you are sending at least eight (8) Mini-Paks to one address.  This is also a good option for those with large families in Israel, who want to send a personal treat to each individual.  The Shopping Bag can not process this, so please email or phone us to place this order.