“Can't remember when I first started ordering but I love the feedback when the kinderlach get the shalach manos with their names on it- they just can't figure out how you know their names!!!   Thanks for sending me the email, and a Happy Purim to you and yours.”

“My family looks forward to your Shalach Manos every year.  Thank you for this wonderful service.  Freilichen Purim to you, too!”

Thank you.  They absolutely love to receive your basket. Happy Purim to you!”


“Thanks for being the only Mishloach Manos company that I looked into to offer a reasonably priced mishloach manos for our daughters, after a very costly year. The $36 one is the reason we chose you.”


Thank you very much; they received it already- a very professional service. Bravo!!!”


” Not sure what was in those Royale packages, but my mother-in-law called, so excited, carrying on about how exquisite the pak was.  Thanks again & chag samayach. “


“The mishloach manos was received.  My daughter said it looks beautiful.  More importantly, the kids were thrilled to get their individual paks.  Great idea! Thank you, and Simchas Purim!”


“I just wanted you to know that my daughter LOVED the Purim Pak!  This time I ordered the healthy one. She said, ‘It's healthy, but not too healthy.  It still has lots of yummy things!’

The kids were also thrilled that they got their own treats.When I asked my grandson if he liked what he got, he said,  'I LOVE IT!'

Thank you so much for making my family so happy!”

After 20 years of Purim Paks, some are inspired to break out in rhyme!  

“Oh, Purim Paks, my friends think you’re great! 
Almost since your start, this yearly gift they await. 
Filled to the brim with goodies galore 
Exactly on time, it arrives at their door. 

Some very dear people way over the sea 
This “simcha” package are receiving from me. 
Every item, they say, packed with love and care; 
A personal touch that is nowadays rare. 

There is something in there for every taste. 
Salty or sweet, food and drink- nothing to waste! 
Included is always a cute Purim gift, 
This year’s funny clown hat gave them a lift. 

When Purim is over, there’s one thing they’ve learned:
A useful container they’ve easily “earned”. 
And next year, again, they hope I’ll repeat. 
And I do!  Because Purim Paks just can’t be beat!”